SignCueQuest, The ASL Adventure Game

Learn and practice ASL, Fingerspelling, and/or Cued Speech — all while discovering new lands!

BONUS: No in-game ads, ever!

SignCueQuest, The ASL Adventure Game

SignCueQuest includes a multitude of “mini-quest” adventures to explore, each focused upon a different language segment. Adventures include vocabulary, numbers, colors, math, patterns, shapes, directions, the alphabet, conversation words and phrases, and emergency words and phrases.  

An automatically updated scroll shows which quests you’ve completed. An easily accessible map does double duty: (1) it shows the places you’ve visited; and (2) allows instant teleportation to those places.

And there isn’t only one way to play SignCue Quest!

— Select your avatar, including optional clothing styles.

— Select one of three communication styles to learn/practice: ASL, Fingerspelling, Cued Speech, or any combination thereof.

— Adjust the game to your current skill level: Beginning, Intermediate or Advanced.

And SignCue Quest is not a “one and done” adventure. When you successfully complete any game, you can keep or change your settings, then play again! 

More than 2100 videos! 10 Mini-quests! Multiple avatar choices!

Play SignCueQuest: The ASL adventure game!

Marketing Director: Nimesh Neema,

Developer: Donna Gateley,


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SignCueQuest, The ASL Adventure Game